Get That Career!


Taking from the NLP perspective that every behaviour can be modelled (if someone has done it, someone else can always learn how to do it), This is a program which provides participants practical and effective leverage over other job seekers. This program is highly interactive, NLP-rich, content rich and practical. ʻPracticalʼ means by the end of the program, participants will know how to take charge of their future career.


This is a program which upgrades a ‘student’ to another level of perspective.

In the competitive world of 21 century, undergraduates with the confidence to stand in front a crowd of people and talk is nothing without skills. Yet, anybody with skills also nothing without social skill, communication, grooming and strategy to mapping their future. Get that career! elevates the participant skill and would benefit any undergraduates from any field to upgrade themselves. The program is divided into 3 main sections:


Areas Cover Description
Communication & Social Skill Strategies This area will focus on preparing the participant’s Mind, Body and Spirit to build a positive relationship and subtly influence the society very quickly.
Self-esteem strategies This part will polish participant image to increase professionalism in their career and personality.
Mapping excellent future Clarify their goals and target career to enable better focus in energy and strategy

Ideally, this is a 2-day programme. Emphasis of time is given on practice and simulations so that the tools and techniques shared are practical and workable for the participants.



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