Certified Professional Body Language Master Practitioner

Learn advanced Nonverbal Communication techniques that can be used to transform not only your own life, but the lives of those around you. Whether this is in business, sport or in a coaching capacity, the Professional Body Language Master Practitioner Course will take your life and practition to another level.

One of the most important aspects of working with clients is building a good rapport with your clients. The course walks you through how to do this using both verbal and non-verbal techniques, with advance language patterns , empathetic listening technique and asking the right question.

As we know, there 4 Component in "Nonverbal Communication"

1. Body Language

2. Facial Expression

3. Attire

4. Emotion

This course cover all of the 4 element. From advance technique in Body Language, to a simple but important way to dress your attire properly. 

In just 3 Days, you will be exposed with

Body Language

Advance Technique in Body Language which includes.
– Attracting People Framework using “Hot Ape”
– Identifying and exploiting “T.O.P” 
– 5 step Body Language Interrogation Technique.
– 6 step to win body language (analyze) with “M.A.S.T.E.R” technique.
– 4 step to understanding body language with “B.O.O.K” Technique.
– 3 step to Identify and analyze as Body Language Master Analyzer with “A.P.I” Technique.


– Recognise the principle of professional image.
– Develop presentable image by coordinating correct styles.
– Face & Body Shape Analysis
– Basic Concept of Colour Analysis
– Identify design, pattern, fabric and how it influences level of professionalism.
– Rule of professional accessorising for Male Appearance
– Rule of professional accessorising for Woman Appearance
– Personality Styles And Appearance Influences


– Identify the whole concept and emotion in wheel of emotion framework.
– Aligning verbal and nonverbal communication.
– Understanding the “BS Barometer” for better analyze.
– Applying the correct word to say in verbal communication using submodalities and sensory language.

7,8,9 June 2024

Body Language Academy (Cawangan Cyberjaya)

9.00 am - 5.00 pm

Special Promotion

In conjunction with the Malaysia Day Month, we will give you exclusive discount

Normal Price : RM 2800

5 early participant: RM 2300

(This rate is applicable for MALAYSIANS only)

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