Certified Professional Body Language Analyzer

Certified Professional Body Language Analyzer

Did you see your best friend give that little shoulder shrug while he said, “You’ll make a fortune by investing in this stock everyone I know is buying!” Or hear that seemingly over-qualified job applicant say, “Just ask any of my former supervisors—they’ll tell you that I’m dependable and trustworthy!” Or notice a smiley face at the end of your new beau’s “I’m sorry!” note?

You’re a smart person, right? Of course you are! But even smart people can miss telltale signs of deceit and manipulation. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make thousands empowering others by helping them easily separate fact from fiction and stop the master manipulators and liars in their lives? Become one of the elite chosen to become a certified body language analyzer through the Body Language Academy (Malaysia).

This course defies the myths about the “Old Body Language” and how trying to understand gestures and moves can have dramatic consequences on your communication with others. One gesture does not mean one thing; however, people perceive you based on this Old Body Language. Understanding behind the New Body Language allows students to assess their interlocutor’s “normal” behavior and see how they deviate from it. Learning how to ask powerful questions will significantly help students get to the truth and ultimately to what they want. Such skills will help students working in various fields from sales and marketing to human resources, law enforcement, entrepreneurs and business executives in better evaluating their customers, managers or employees.

In just two days, you will:

  • Match your body language (i.e. posture, gestures, body rhythm) to enhance rapport.
  • Maintain the correct level of eye contact, and avoid looking at the one place that will land you in the corporate dog house.
  • Understand where to stand and sit to increase your perceived value in a small group or by yourself and immediately gain the attention of the decision-makers at the table. Select your seat for success: increase your influence in any situation!
  • Avoid the “nevers” when shaking someone’s hand, and understand the biggest mistake people make when they compliment the person they are meeting.
  • Practice the 3 power handshakes plus stances that make you appear unshakable.
  • Evaluate your first impression—what does it say about you?—and make changes to positively influence your career and social life.
  • Decipher probing points and master the art of asking powerful questions.
  • Analyze photos and videos to practice decoding the “Hot Spots.”
  • Crack the proxemics code: achieve your goals through use of space and distance.
  • Decode to what it means when someone moves their eyes up to the right or left, or towards their ears or their heart.
  • Discover and avoid inattentional blindness. Receive scientific proof and current studies about the new body language.
  • Master nonverbal and verbal communications success strategies that save you time and money, and uncover international secrets of body language.
  • Change your language to get people to do what you want them to do, not what you don’t want them to do.
  • Think like a hostage negotiator and assign people the traits you want them to have and get them always following through on their commitments—finally.
  • Demonstrate power gestures to use when the communication, negotiations, or sales are not working, and see more inquiries convert to sales.
  • Take control of difficult situations by using power body language, overcoming personal fear and self-doubt, and ultimately becoming a peak performer.
  • Overcome personal barriers and reduce conflict, even with the toughest customers and stakeholders, and increase profits.
  • Be supported with the feedback and accountability you want to achieve consistent bullseye results with ease in the most important areas in your life!

During your training, you’ll learn how to strengthen interpersonal relationships, become a stronger leader and communicator, manage your nerves better, and attain ambitious new goals. You will be better prepared to perform as a persuasive communicator, problem-solver, and cunning negotiator. Whether you’re looking for this training for business or personal reasons, you will have vamped-up confidence and enthusiasm, and the ability to save time, money, resources, and gain that vital edge in a challenging global environment. Upon completion of the training course, you’ll understand the mysteries behind the New Body Language, how to analyze and execute it to get what you want.

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